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he auxiliary phase mixers with flip-up lid are designed for preparing of fat or water phases. The heating-cooling jacket allows to preheat separate phases of raw materials to specified temperature in accordance with determined recipe and technological assumptions. The installed opening system of flip-up lid offers an easy way to introduce solid components (waxes, emulsifiers, etc.) as well as possibility of cleaning by means of CIP spray balls.

Technical specification of auxiliary phase mixers with flip-up lid:

  • the vessel is made of acid resistant AISI 304 or AISI 316L steel
  • conical vessel is surrounded with cylindrical protective jacket
  • the vessel cover has possibility of being half-open
  • numerous combinations of the technological stub pipes with optional CIP spray balls
  • the mixing agitator with infinitely variable regulation of its rotations is adjusted to heated component type
  • mixing agitator’s drive with gear motor
  • all welding seams are grinded clean, optionally the surfaces can be mechanically polished to the mirror finish
  • the rounded vessel bottom with discharge stub pipe tipped with flap valve or membrane valve
  • inspection peephole for level control or automatic refilling system of heating medium in the jacket
  • heating agent – electrical heaters, flow of heating fluid or steam
  • adjustment and continuous readout of product and jacket temperature values
  • as an option, cooling function by means of coolant flow through the jacket
  • the machine can be performed as a stationary or equipped with rotating wheels mobile construction with possibility of transportation with pallet truck
  • device is made in accordance with FDA requirements and GMP prescriptions, optionally delivered with validation documents for IQ/OQ.