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Mixers of the MP series of types, with useful capacity from 10 to 100 liters, are designed for mixing and filling of products in hot condition; these machines have been used especially by cyclic filling of moulds for cosmetic and hygienic lipsticks and pharmaceutical suppositories.

A cylindric vessel made of AISI 304 or 316L steel
has a conic bottom and a heating jacket, which is surrounded with insulating jacket for ensuring of efficiency of the heating process and prevention of scalds.

The surface is polished to mirror finish. In the heating jacket, electrical heaters are mounted; their power depends of the volume of the vessel. For observation and regulation of the temperature of the jacket, a temperature regulator is mounted with indication of the actual temperature, collaborating with Pt 100 temperature sensor, mounted in the heating jacket.
Te vessel is covered with a loose lid, having opening for the mixing device shaft.

The mixing device, easy to disassemble, is adjusted to the kind of mixed product and is equipped with infinitely variable regulation of rotational speed for adjustment to different viscosities of the product. The mixing device is mounted on the rotating arm
and secures easy access to the vessel for cleaning after work.
For securing of continuity in cyclic work and avoiding of solidification of the bulk, a heated valve is mounted, with possibility of temperature regulation.

The machine is placed on a fixed or mobile frame, with the possibility of regulation of the height of the mixer.

Technical data:

    • useful capacity from 10 to 30 liters, optionally to 100 liters, with mechanical
    • regulation of the height of the vessel
    • regulation of the temperature of the heating jacket up to 95oC, as option – heating medium oil with heating limit up to 150oC
    • optionally, indication and regulation of the product temperature
    • regulation of the temperature of the heated discharge valve
      for avoidance of exceeding of assigned temperature values, PID regulators are used (stepping of the heating power and heating speed)
    • mixing agitator with infinitely variable regulation of the rotational speed, with indication of the speed value


For volumetric dosing of products in hot condition, the mixers can
be equipped with hot dosing attachment C2. The dosing attachment
is attached directly to the frontal discharge valve of the mixer or – using a special
arm – to the discharge valve in the bottom of the vessel.
the dose value is regulated infinitely from one drop up to indefinitely high values
regulation of the time of work of the unit
regulation of the dosing speed of the unit
regulation of the temperature of heating of the unit