Urlinski – EN


The auxiliary phase mixers with capacity from 5 liters up to 5 tons are used for mixing and preheating up to specified temperature of the components of the technological process in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for making shorter total time of the production process. According to the needs, the mixers are made as mobile units, stationary or as parts of a production module.

Technical data of the phase mixers:

  • cylindric vessel, which can be made as: suitable for work only by normal pressure, vacuum-tight or pressure-tight
  • material of the vessel – acid resistant steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L
  • all welding seams are smoothly grinded, optionally the surfaces can be polished to mirror finish
  • the bottom in conic or ellipsoid shape with discharge pipe in the center, finished with
    a flap valve or optionally with aseptic discharge valve
  • heating jacket for fluid or gas-form heating agents, surrounded with insulating jacket for securing of effective
    heat exchange with the product and avoidance of scalds of the servicing staff
  • sight-glass for control of the level or automatic system of water filling in the jacket
  • heating agent – electrical heaters, hot water flow or steam
    regulation of the product temperature and the temperature in the jacket
  • mixing agitator with infinitely variable regulation of the speed, adjusted to the kind of heated components – propeller,
    gate or anchor with wave breakers, mixing blades and Teflon scrapers for inner walls of the mixer
  • optional possibility of cooling function with cooling agent flow through the jacket
  • cover of the mixer with possibility of being half opened or constantly screwed to the vessel
  • stationary performance or construction on rotating wheels with possibility of transportation with charging truck